• Factory Location: Heavy Industrial Area. Near DVLA Office, Tema


Reroy Cables Limited is a Private Limited Liability Company operating in the Heavy Industrial Area, Tema, Ghana. The company was incorporated in 1992 and is registered under the Ghana Companies Code, 1963, Act 179. The company is established to:

  • Manufacture
  • Process
  • Distribute
  • Electrical Cables & Accessories

The company produces predominantly for the international (export) market and has significant domestic market presence as well. Recently, the company has completed the construction of a new Manufacturing Plant, making it the largest Electrical Cables Manufacturing Plant in Ghana when it attains full capacity utilization in March 2007. The new factory is planned to serve the high value-added end of the industry i.e. the utilities and developmental projects sector, and generate new service contracts from governments, utility companies, estate developers etc.

Reroy Cable LimitedOur Corporate Vision & Strategy

The vision and strategy under-scoring Reroy’s outlook, future growth and value creation potential are reflected in its vision and strategy statements, which states as follows:


To be a global innovative and high quality value-creating company mainly based on Electrical Cables with leading niche market positions in selected international markets.
Provide a professional and inspiring working environment for employees, where an entrepreneurial spirit is essential for:
– Creating value and solutions for customers
– Continuous improvement
– Profitable mutual growth
– To provide attractive investment for stakeholders


Reroy wants to be a global innovative, high quality company working in the sphere of Electrical Cables and enjoying leadership positions in selected niche markets with renowned brands. The company endeavors to offer employees an inspiring environment in which entrepreneurship is essential in order to create value and solutions for customers, to continuously improve performance and to achieve profitable growth. New opportunities for growth will arise from research and product innovation, quality improvement, expansion into new, attractive and related markets and exploiting our brand equity. Risk is limited by spreading activities over various regions and market segments.

In weighing up the strength of the various brands that constitute the company’s portfolio, the brand must have strong brand equity in attractive sectors. They must have a leadership position in their (niche) markets and also fit in with the strategy and values of the company. At the operating level, the strategic cost position is continually reviewed to determine how costs can be lowered and how efficiency and productivity can be improved to increase profitability. The company constantly re-evaluates its optimum position in the market and there is an on-going focus on operational excellence.