• Factory Location: Heavy Industrial Area. Near DVLA Office, Tema


Reroy Cable is committed to expanding its products scope steadily overtime.

Reroy Cable also has a versatile product range that covers most of our customers needs:
– Flexible wires and cables up to 300 mm2.
– Building wires, THHN/THWN to UL 83, with conductor sizes starting from 16 AWG.
– Building wires to IEC 60227 and BS 6004 , from 1.5 mm2 and above.
– LV Power Cables with PVC and XLPE insulation to IEC 60502-1, BS 5476 and UL 1277.
– MV cables to IEC 60502-2 up to 18/30 (36) kV and to BS 6622 up to19/33 (36) kV.
– HV cables up to 69 kV to IEC 60840 , and to ANSI / ICEA S-108-720, with conductor sizes up to 1200 mm2.